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Every day hair dressing

Every day hair dressing includes adults and children through all the ages. We provide all hairdressing services specializing in cutting, colouring, perming, blow-drying & setting.

Mondays is senior citizen day and there is a reduction from the main price list.

Out-of -hour appointments or private room hairdressing appointments can be pre-arranged with Sue.

Bridal packages
This can be an in-salon service or at the venue. Prices on request.

What can you expect in the price?
The bride will have 2 x 1hour appointments. The first appointment would be in the salon. The second appointment would be on the day of the wedding, either in the Salon or at the venue.
The rest of the party will be priced on 30 minute or 1 hour appointments.

The brides first appointment
The stylist would ask you to bring in any pictures of hair styles that you like, tiara, veil & a picture of dress. If you have long hair it should be washed the day before ready for the practice. Pictures can be taken of the style, so don’t forget to bring your phone or camera.

Prices for stylists to travel to the wedding venue would be in addition to the bridal packages. This would be priced on the hour away from the salon.

All prices on request.


Prom Hair

Prom hair is an in-salon service only.

You will be asked to bring in any a picture of the style you like and if applicable, the hair ornament that you will be wearing. Long hair should be washed the day before. You will also be asked to wear a blouse or anything that doesn’t have to be pulled over your head.

Wigs for Private Customers

Wig consultations are pre-arranged appointments. Private, non-hospital referrals can be booked in the salon. The appointments are conducted in a private room, and if stairs are a challenge, an appointment can be booked when the down stairs salon is closed.

A deposit is required on booking the appointment. The deposit value is then taken off the price of the wig.

2 x 1 Hour appointments are required. The second appointment is made once the wigs have been received from the supplier. On this appointment you will then pick the wigs you like, Sue will show you how to put on the wig and how to care for it.

Acrylic wigs are very easy to care for and wig ‘care sets’ are available to buy. Acrylic wigs are pre-styled, so you can only trim small amounts off. If the wig requires trimming, this can be done on the second appointment.

We have a small amount of wigs in stock – this helps with picking the style that suits you. We order wigs from Banbury Postiche or A&A Studio. We can order in 3 wigs for you to choice from.

Wigs for NHS Patient Referrals

These are referrals from the hospital. The process can only start once the patient has been diagnosed. This is usually done through a consultant at the hospital and, if you pay prescriptions charges, that also needs to be paid before the process starts.

Once that is done the hospital will call Sue at Daymons giving your name telephone number and an order number. Nothing can start or be ordered until Sue receives this information.


Sue will then ring you to offer you an appointment to start the process. From that point it is the same as a private appointment with the exception that there is no deposit to pay.

There is a large selections of wigs the NHS offer. If you prefer a wig that’s is not offered on the NHS, you can pay a top-up, which is the difference in value between what the NHS pay and the cost of the wig.

 Care sets can be purchased in the salon.

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